Asian Heritage Week (AHW) is an annual occasion in which we host a collective of Asian cultural events with other leaders and organizations in an effort to celebrate and honor the cultural heritage of the Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities. This annual initiative was created by Asian Hustle Network (AHN) in 2023.

This event is expanded into multiple cities across the globe: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, and Melbourne from April РJune 2024.

AHN creates a space as a cultural hub for sharing and showcasing the art, music, traditions, customs, and accomplishments of these communities. Our goal is to promote inclusivity and appreciation of our cultural heritage.

Key Background

During AHW, leaders and organizations in the mentioned major cities have an opportunity to list and promote their events on our platform, in which we will present a curated list of events for our local community members so that they are well informed of what’s happening in their areas. In addition to ensuring our community members make the most out of Asian Heritage Week, we want to tear down the gates in our community to push for a more inclusive space for all.


This initiative aims to add value to:

  • Global Asian diaspora
  • Event hosts and organizers
  • Sponsors and partners
  • Local councils/NGOs/Senior officials
  • Event guests and local small business community


New York CityApril 28 – May 5
TorontoMay 6 – May 12
Los AngelesMay 13 – May 19
Vancouver May 13 РMay 20
San FranciscoMay 20 – May 26
SydneyMay 27 – June 2
MelbourneJune 3 – June 9
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