2020 Networking Guide

August 6, 2020
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2020 Quarantine Guide to Networking

by Thomas Hsieh

Whether you’re looking for a business partner, a mentor, a job, or just want to make new friends, 2020 has radically changed the way we network. Here are our best tips and tricks on how and where to network!

Here are a few resources to discover networking opportunities:

Facebook Networking

Facebook has been an extremely powerful networking tool while everyone has been stuck at home. Our AHN Community is extremely supportive of one another so feel free to post and reach out to people on AHN if you need advice or help. Additionally, you can search through other Facebook groups to see if there are any groups that fit the network you want to expand to.


AHN Weekly Network Event

If you are looking to simply network, AHN hosts our very own weekly virtual networking event where you can meet people in various industries.  Our networking event is broken up into 2 sessions in which you will be paired with 3-4 other people to network with.

Register here


Meetup is a great resource to find people in your vicinity. During quarantine, most of these events have gone virtual as well so you can make great connections in the comfort of your home! Once the COVID-19 situation ends, you can meet up in person!



If you’re feeling bold, Shapr is the Tinder of business networking. With a phone app and a website, you’ll find yourself messaging people with all sorts of backgrounds. Some downsides of Shapr is that you are limited to a batch of people you can network with a day and will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to unlock more connections as well as the feature to filter people by criteria such as job title.


Google Search!

Look for different groups that might fit what you’re looking for whether it’s real estate investments, UI/UX design, etc. There are a ton of great resources out there!

General Networking Tips:

“Give First” Mentality

Asian Hustle Network is a “give first” organization and we hope that everyone that is part of AHN embodies our vision. When networking with people you don’t know, a “give first” mentality without any expectations shows that you are here to listen and help. Most importantly, this mentality shows that you aren’t networking primarily to take advantage of people’s success and opportunities.

Practice Your Intro and Make It Personal

What do you want people to remember about you? You are selling your personality, drive, and skill sets. Make it memorable! The next time they think that they need a real estate agent, software engineer, or whatever your vocation is, your name should pop up in their head! Try to keep this short and sweet if possible.

Your Goal should be to make Strong Lasting Connections

Take notes about people that you meet! These days it’s extremely easy to type something up in a word document while people are talking. If you end up reaching out to them later, you can review your notes and refresh your memory.


If you are networking 1-on-1, consider conducting a quick 5 minute research which can help guide your questions, drive the conversation forward, and help create organic conversation.

Be Presentable (Networking with Webcams)

People make initial judgments based on your appearance and background clutter. Make sure your webcam area is nice and tidy, wear decent clothes, and fix your hair. Also make sure the lighting in your room helps illuminate your face if possible. If a clear background space isn’t possible, Zoom has a feature to replace your background with a virtual background. Otherwise, you can invest in a black piece of cardboard to put behind you for video calls.

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