Calvin Hang: Co-Founder & Chief of Community, FoodFestLive- AHN Top 50 Unsung Heroes 2021

February 16, 2021
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A bit about myself. My name is Calvin Hang and one of the Co-Founder of Honey Belle, Golden Marrow, FoodFestLive.

Honey Belle started in 2015 in Iris' kitchen and since then, we've worked with Ulta, Forever 21, Tilly's, Pacsun, Erewhon, Urban Outfitters, CVS, and many more~ I still get present to when we were making products out of her kitchen to now being sold in big box stores!!!

Aside from that, we just launched THE GOLDEN MARROW® in May with my two cousins, Jackie Jarin (chef at Republique) and her husband Jonathan (chef at Sari Sari Store). Since the launch, we've been featured on LA Times, Thrillist, Entrepreneur, and a few others. If you are based in SoCal, check us out and find out where we'll be next. AND if you're in NorCal, we'll be coming up there next year because y'all loved it so much when we did come up :) You'll love the experience AND the food.

"I love creating unforgettable experiences for people."

Iris and I also host a podcast where we share our stories about building Honey Belle, building The Golden Marrow, our relationship, travel, and more. We are looking for powerful individuals who are looking to make a difference in their community by sharing their story as well!!! You can find us on Apple or Spotify, searching 'Humble Beginnings'. Please dm me if you're interested or if you have the perfect person to share their story :) We do lots of our operations out of Honey Belle's office in Brea.

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