Directory Development Update 11/18/2020

November 18, 2020
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As I start giving updates and tidbits of information on the directory, I also wanted to highlight amazing individuals from AHN that changed my life!

This is why I so firmly believe in the directory!

When I started getting involved in the AHN community previous to joining the AHN team, people were starting to add me left and right. I ended up with 500 people that I blindly added and mostly didn’t know. I’ll be honest, when this guy named Li Hu added me I was hesitant and against the idea to sign up for a fitness trainer. I had already made up my mind that I was going to eventually, sometime tomorrow…or at the very least sometime later in the week…start dieting and exercising…I’m sure many of you know the feeling!

What drew me to Li was his genuineness and openness to everything.

It wasn’t about getting me as a client (I mean it always sort of is), but it was more about getting to know each other’s journeys. Where were we in life? Where were we trying to go? I never really believed in getting outside help for my physical health. I always thought getting external help was a sign of weakness. To get help would mean that I would have to admit to myself that I was desperate; that I couldn’t do it alone. This was a pride issue I had with myself…and well…calories in, calories out right? However, I always ended up yo-yo dieting and exercising. 2weeks on, 1 week off, 1 week on, 5 weeks off. Well, I’m extremely glad that Li’s genuineness allowed me to forget about my pride and try something new!

The change to my perspective Li taught me was that accountability leads to consistency even when you have all the knowledge.

I knew the value of consistency, but I struggled to maintain it. I knew what caloric restriction was and I broke it countless times. I knew how to exercise, but I kept stopping. Until working with Li, I didn’t realize that ultimately what kept me from being able to juggle diet and exercise was accountability. Of course, everyone’s experience is different, so I can only speak to myself, but Li challenged my thinking and let me know that even successful celebrities like Dwayne Johnson still have fitness trainers. Why was that? Dwayne Johnson certainly could do it by himself. The dude has been in shape for years and years and travels with his gym. After working with Li for several months, I can say for myself that it was really that much easier with accountability. Without a doubt, this is the longest I’ve ever stuck to any diet, exercise, and had consistent, sustainable weight loss. I’ve lost 15 lbs. over the course of 3-4months, broke my calorie ceiling less than 5 times, and haven’t been this light since 2013!

To everyone still reading this…

Getting fit is not a race and neither is self-development. Take your time and treat yourself well...mentally and physically!

It’s people like Li that make me ecstatic to network with the people of the AHN community.

To support/reach out to Li, you can contact him at the following:


IG: @lihufitness

FB: lwhlihu

Anyways, some more information about the Directory!!

To be able to gain access to view and use the directory, sign up will be required. Privacy and security is a big concern going into the development of this directory and we want to do our best to make sure only AHN members have access to the directory.

Continuing on privacy and security, initially, users will be able to connect to one another only via Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It is not in our current plans to display emails or phone numbers. We want to make sure that all contact information is not stolen and our members don't end up receiving massive spam emails!

Each individual in the directory will have their own profiles highlighting what makes him/her unique!  Some of these may be tentative to change but here you can show:

  • Your Story/Bio
  • Your Current Goal
  • Links to Social Media Handles
  • Link to your Website
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Your Services
  • Your Top 5 Skillsets

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