Tony Lam: Co-Founder of Omni Bev - AHN Top 50 Unsung Heroes 2021

February 16, 2021
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Tony is a Vietnamese immigrant refugee. He is a successful serial entrepreneur and a 16-year veteran in the food and CPG space. He is also a Shark Tank winner. Tony sits on the board for 5 different tech startups. He is currently the co-founder of Omni Bev and is bringing Vietnamese coffee mainstream. He enjoys helping his local community and "paying it forward" by mentoring the next generation of young aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential. Tony is married to Van Lam and has two sons named Damon and Andy.

Impact Work 2020:

  • Biggest sponsor for the LOLA Foundation (Laugh Out Loud w/ Autism)
  • FoodFest Live (Advisor)
  • Helping small struggling restaurant owners with free marketing content to tell their story as well as boost sales
  • Community Service and Fundraising for Charity (See photos)
  • Fundraising for Vietnam Flood Victim Fund
  • Passing out food to the needy family in the san jose community with my son Damon

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