Twenty Years After His Passing, Leslie Cheung Continues to Inspire and Delight Fans

Twenty years after his death, Leslie Cheung, the late Canto-pop icon, remains a cherished icon of the entertainment industry.

By AHN Editor

April 4, 2023

Fans of the superstar gathered in Hong Kong to celebrate the anniversary of his death, remembering his contribution to the music, film, and fashion industry. He broke through gender boundaries by introducing “unisex” ideas that were risky at the time, and his success as an artist reflects his pioneering work during a socially conservative era.

The 20th anniversary of Cheung’s death was on April 1, 2023, and drew crowds of both local fans and supporters from mainland China to visit exhibitions about him in Hong Kong. The government included concerts and film screenings about him in the city’s first pop culture festival, which is slated to officially kick off in three weeks. Fans remembered his norm-breaking works and called him “ahead of time.”

Some think Cheung earned respect from the homosexual community by publicizing his gay relationship in a traditional local environment, crossing cultural boundaries in the process.

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Although Cheung’s success made him a superstar, he suffered from depression and ultimately jumped to his death from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in central Hong Kong on April 1, 2003. His passing shook the city, which was already grappling with the SARS pandemic.

Cheung’s legacy endures to this day. His music never went out of style, and even by today’s standards, his style choices, particularly his famous long hair, were trendy.

Image Source: Taipei Times

Leslie Cheung’s contribution to the entertainment industry and cultural revolution in Hong Kong will be remembered for years to come.

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