A Six-Year-Old Author’s Journey to Spreading Happiness and Kindness through Her Own Children’s Book

Jina Giusto's 6-year-old daughter, Evelyn, has accomplished a remarkable feat by writing and publishing her very own book.

By Hannah Liza Tapan

May 9, 2023

As a mother, Jina saw this as an opportunity to teach her daughter about entrepreneurship and the value of hardwork. She worked closely with an illustrator, Aniruddha Lele, to bring her daughter’s sketches to life, and all earnings from the book will be directed towards her daughter’s college savings account.

Jina, who grew up in Oakton, Virginia, experienced significant financial hardship as a child due to her father’s illness and eventual passing from colon cancer. She learned the value of hardwork and resourcefulness and she hopes to instill these lessons in her own children while providing them with a better childhood than the one she had.

Evelyn’s book is called ‘A Bunny Named Lovey and the Happy Rainbow’. The story is about a bunny named Lovey and a sad rainbow who has lost all its colors. Together, they embark on a journey through the forest and up to Rainbow Land, on a mission to find the colors again.

When asked about her inspiration for writing a book at such a young age, Evelyn simply responded, “Writing books makes me feel happy about myself and lets people know me better.”

The idea for the book came naturally to Evelyn, as she expressed that she just made it up without any particular inspiration. She wrote about bunnies because she finds them cute and fluffy, and rainbows because they are pretty and colorful. The book’s message is about being happy and helpful, reminding readers to help someone if they are sad, even if it’s just a simple act of kindness.

You should help someone if they are sad, even when you’re just passing by.

Evelyn giusto

When asked about the process of making the book, Evelyn said: “I asked my daddy, ‘Let’s write a book together.’ And he said, ‘Sure, just let me finish my work first.’ Then I started drawing some pictures on blank sheets of paper.”

Evelyn’s Drawings

Upon learning that her book was going to be published, Evelyn experienced a mix of excitement and nervousness. “Pretty nervous! And excited at the same time. I felt pretty scared that the people who buy my book would draw on the wrong pages,” she said.

Evelyn’s drawings being brought into life by illustrator Aniruddha Lele

She was afraid that people would draw on the wrong pages, because the book has a few blank pages at the end to encourage other children to start writing and drawing their own stories. But ultimately, Evelyn felt happy to share her story with others.

Evelyn shared that she has plans to write another book in the future, “It’s called ‘The Stuffed Animal’s Homework.’ It’s a story about a teddy bear trying to get an A+ on its homework.”

Evelyn hopes that her book will make people feel happy and helpful, encouraging kindness towards others. 

“You should help someone if they are sad, even when you’re just passing by,” Evelyn said.

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