Child Prodigy Makes History as Youngest Fullerton College Graduate with Five Associate Degrees at 12 Years Old

Clovis Hung, a brilliant 12-year-old student, is set to make history as the youngest person ever to graduate from Fullerton College with not one, but five associate degrees.

By AHN Editor

May 23, 2023

According to an article by the Los Angeles Times, Clovis got bored with second grade when he was 7 and wanted more challenge. This caused his mother, Song Choi, a professional tutor, to pull him out of second grade and begin homeschooling him.

She also put him in the special admit program at Fullerton College at the age of nine, enabling him to take college classes while finishing his high school education.

With the guidance and support of his mother, Clovis excelled in his college endeavors. Taking full advantage of the special admit program, he enrolled in the maximum allowable 11 units, showcasing his determination to embrace the challenges presented by higher education.

Upon graduation, Clovis will be awarded associate of arts degrees in history, social sciences, social behavior and self-development, arts and human expression, as well as science and mathematics.

Image Source: NBC Los Angeles

Clovis plans to pursue an additional associate degree in autonomous systems development at Fullerton College. Beyond that, he aspires to study for a bachelor’s degree at a prominent university like Stanford University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

While Clovis has dedicated himself to his academic pursuits, he remains a typical child who engages in various extracurricular activities. Involved in Boy Scouts and a basketball enthusiast, he also enjoys playing popular video games like Roblox and Minecraft.

Featured Image Source: WSYR