“Early Detection is Key”, Dr. Tim’s Mission to Normalize Cancer Screening And Bridge the Gap in AAPI Cancer Care

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, we want to highlight Dr. Timothy Tiutan or simple “Dr. Tim”, for his dedication to serving the AAPI community by addressing health disparities and promoting cancer prevention and screening.

By Marielle Catral

May 25, 2023

“I hope that my AAPI background and identity can encourage others to trust and believe in the benefits of seeking care and living healthier lives.” Dr. Tim tells AHN.

Dr. Tim’s partnership with the American Cancer Society has allowed him to use his platform to spread awareness about oncologic issues, especially those affecting the AAPI community. He hopes to encourage more AAPI individuals to seek out routine cancer screenings and make lifestyle changes that can help prevent cancer. According to Dr. Tim, early detection is key in the fight against cancer and can save lives.

He is concerned about the high rates of stomach and liver cancer in the AAPI community and the low rates of screening for preventable cancers such as cervical, breast, and colorectal cancer. “There are various reasons as to why the above are true. One thing is for certain though– people need to be aware of these statistics in order to encourage the AAPI community to live healthier lives and take the initiative to get routine cancer screenings. Catching cancer early can save lives! ”

One of the barriers that Dr. Tim sees in improving access to cancer screenings and preventive care for the AAPI community is the lack of access to interpreter services. Many AAPI languages are not commonly spoken in the U.S., making it difficult for health providers to communicate effectively with AAPI patients. He believes that expanding access to interpreter services can make it easier for health providers to educate AAPI patients and help them make informed decisions about their health.

Dr. Tim is a Filipino-Chinese immigrant and board-certified internal medicine physician specializing in oncology hospital medicine. His work has been inspired by his cultural background and his passion for doing meaningful work that benefits others.

When asked about his motivation to pursue a career in medicine, Dr. Tim explained, “I enjoy the deep connections I am able to make with people from all generations, but particularly with older populations. Combining this with my interest in cancer biology and passion to do meaningful work that serves to benefit others, oncology hospital medicine is the best field for me.”

Dr. Tim is also working to address some common misconceptions about cancer prevention and screening in the AAPI community. Many people in the community may not be aware of the various risk factors that increase the risk of getting stomach or liver cancer. He hopes to educate the community through his social media platforms on the importance of making small changes in their lives that can lead to significant improvements in their overall health.

“One of my main goals has been to expand the positive representation of AAPI men in the media. I try my best to improve every aspect of my life, both inside and out, to serve as an inspiration and role model for future generations.” Dr. Tim said.


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