How An Engineering Graduate Trades Hard Hats For Pastry Becomes 6-Figure Baker

For Danica Lynne Casta, an engineer by profession turned baker, success was hers after she risked taking a big step outside her comfort zone. She now manages her online cake business under “Amberlyns Cake.” The Filipina baker had just graduated from university when the pandemic struck. Danica began to reconsider her professional goals in baking […]

By AHN Editor

October 13, 2022


This CEO Transformed Lost Fishing Nets Into Sustainable One-Of-A-Kind Bikinis

Plastic pollution harms our planet and health, but thankfully, companies like Copenhagen Cartel are combating this environmental problem by converting lost or abandoned fishing nets into bikinis with a modern twist on an ancient textile tradition. Copenhagen Cartel’s founder and ocean lover, Katrine Lee Larsen, was motivated to help mitigate the adverse effects of plastic […]

By AHN Editor

October 9, 2022


GGV Capital’s Jenny Lee: From Jet Engineer To One Of World’s Best Venture Capitalists

Recognized as one of the world’s top 100 venture capitalists by Forbes for 11 years in a row, Singaporean venture capitalist Jenny Lee stayed in her hometown to raise money for four new funds launched by her firm GGV Capital at the height of the pandemic in 2020.  For four months, according to Forbes, the […]

By AHN Editor

September 30, 2022


26-Year-Old Filipino Entrepreneur Turns Waste Coconut Shells Into A Thriving Business

With zero funding, Filipino entrepreneur MJ Loleng built her start-up company, Ecobriqs Charcoal Briquettes, an innovative eco-friendly charcoal business from waste coconut shells. She was able to attract investors with her idea who also had a passion for sustainability and providing employment to those who are poor in the Philippines, as she said that she […]

By AHN Editor

August 18, 2022


Humphry Slocombe Launched Filipino-Inspired Ice Cream In Collaboration With Popular Eatery Señor Sisig

There is nothing quite like a scoop of ice cream on a hot day, as we’re sure you’ll agree! And what better way to enjoy one than with a tasty serving of delectable creations alongside your best dishes? This summer, the renowned Filipino food truck now restaurant Señor Sisig will open a branch in the […]

By AHN Editor

August 17, 2022


‘Mompreneur’ Turned Her Hurdles Into Success And On A Mission To Help Other Moms Start Their Businesses

Filipino entrepreneur Chell Diaz Fernandez is on a mission to inspire other mothers to persevere in pursuing their dreams, regardless of how simple those businesses are or how difficult the road lies ahead. The “mompreneur” has tried over 15 businesses since 2016 — she has sold in bazaars and had “sari-sari store” or a neighborhood […]

By AHN Editor

August 14, 2022


Filipino $1 Street Food Restaurant In LA Highlighted On Netflix “Street Food: USA”

Filipino food in the U.S. is heating up with a flurry of news reports, viral videos, and social media posts about a Pinoy-owned street food eatery in Los Angeles after it was featured on the popular Netflix show “Street Food: USA”. One of LA’s best and most interesting eateries, Dollar Hits, is owned by Elvira […]

By AHN Editor

August 13, 2022


Zepto’s Teenager Founders Share How They Built An App With A $900M Valuation

Zepto, an instant grocery delivery startup founded by two teenagers, Kaivalya Vohra and Aadit Palicha, brought their company to a valuation of $900 million in just nine months. Vohra had “a couple of long conversations” to convince his parents for him to drop out of Stanford for his startup. But pulling them on board wasn’t […]

By AHN Editor

August 12, 2022


Filipina Single Mother in Canada Grew Her Cleaning Job Into a Million-Dollar Janitorial Business

We’ve all heard the stories of people who have started with next to nothing and come out ahead. They are able to turn their passions into successful businesses while providing them with a sense of purpose. But what does it really take to become a successful entrepreneur?  As a Filipina single mom who built a […]

By AHN Editor

August 11, 2022


The Notable Filipino Entrepreneur Who Used His Peanuts Enterprise To Establish An Empire

“Choose to be an entrepreneur because then you desire a life of adventure, endless challenge, and the opportunity to be your best self.” — a remarkable statement from “Big John”, the founder and former chairman of JG Summit, one of the largest companies in the Philippines.  John Gokongwei, a Filipino businessman, investor, and philanthropist, died […]

By AHN Editor

August 10, 2022


Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao On Being A Confident Woman In The Male-Dominated Tech Industry

Greater diversity in tech overall could solve some of the industry’s biggest problems, including fighting disinformation, hate speech, and harassment in online spaces, said the former Reddit CEO, Ellen Pao in a recent podcast interview. While women have made achievements in tech, their numbers are still low. A survey from, a global group for […]

By AHN Editor

August 9, 2022


Asian Wellness Experts Aim To Preserve Culture As Beauty Trends Rebrand Holistic Techniques

As social media influencers bring Asian-inspired techniques to the mainstream and give them a new name, Asian wellness experts are trying to preserve the integrity of their cultures’ rituals. Brands and influencers advertise ‘Gua Sha’ as a wrinkle-reducing alternative to Botox and cited to discharge lymph. However, this technique was used to relieve pain, prevent […]

By AHN Editor

June 25, 2022