Episode 23

Alan Chikin Chow ยท  Creating a Bigger Impact Through Entertainment

โ€œMy advice for my old self: just suffer for a little bit, cut it off, and continue moving cause it's all about the pursuit and all about the journey. If you really love your craft, then the things that will hurt, they definitely will hurt. They probably hurt even more because you love it so much. But if you really love what you do, then you'll keep going and keep pursuing it.โ€

Alan Chikin Chow is a creator and actor who has amassed over 3 million followers online. Best known for his comedy skits that center on universally relatable moments and global pop culture, Alan’s mission is to unite audiences of all backgrounds through laughter. Alan is a 2020 TikTok Ambassador and has worked with brands such as Reese’s Puffs, DoorDash, Adobe, and Universal Music/Alicia Keys. As an actor, Alan has appeared in projects such as ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Hulu’s Into the Dark, and the CBS multicam pilot The Emperor of Malibu starring Ken Jeong. And yes, Alan’s middle name is actually Chikin.


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