Episode 28

Andrew Fung ยท  Creating Impact Through Asian Identity

โ€œIf you do it to make your life better, and you're like, I do it for my friends, I do it for like, if it blows up and it goes viral, great, but if it doesn't and I still enjoy myself and it improves my life and it says what I wanna say and I'm happier and it's positive, then it's okay. Just do Instagram or TikTok or whatever like that. Definitely don't look at YouTube like it's quick money. That's the number one "do not go into it, thinking you're going to make a lot of money" thing.โ€

David and Andrew Fung are brothers who have been full-time on YouTube for almost 8 years. Over that time, they’ve hosted their own TV show, performed and spoken at multiple college campuses, interviewed presidential candidates, dabbled in music, worked with many of the biggest brands and traveled across the world collaborating with different artists.ย  While their YouTube channel is still going strong they’ve recently started working on a few cool projects outside of YouTube such as a guidebook for Asian America and a food concept in New York.


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