Episode 173

Caleb Wang and Jennifer Liao ·  Sharing Honest Representation of Asian Cuisine Through Direct to Consumer Products

 Growing direct-to-consumer Chinese food company Xiao Chi Jie (XCJ) was founded by second-generation Chinese Americans Caleb Wang and Jennifer Liao, who are on a mission to share honest representations of the food they grew up eating and open consumers’ minds and palates to new and exciting flavors, textures and aromas. The company originally started as a Seattle-based restaurant in 2018; it expanded into the direct-to-consumer space in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic inspired them to innovate. Available nationwide, XCJ’s product line includes frozen restaurant-quality xiao long bao (soup dumplings), sauces, bamboo steamers, and most recently, frozen shāo kǎo (Chinese BBQ skewers).


Jen spent ten years in the life sciences and health tech sector in research, enterprise, and consumer focuses. Caleb spent ten years as an investor in private and public markets.



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