Episode 41

Chris Ngo  ·  The Next Global Conglomerate In Menswear

“40K me, 40K him, and we started our first clothing brand. We brought in 1500 pairs of jeans. We sold out within two hours with just the retailers that we had and we knew that for us, the biggest, the only way you could expand is through flipping. The only way we're gonna make a lot of money is to not pay ourselves and keep on flipping the product and so we just took every single flip, like selling out of 1500, 1 million units, whatever money we made, we put it right back in. We were flipping it over and over until, until it got to the point where we did 8 million. We probably did over 8 to fucking 16 million in two years.”

Born in Thailand, Chris is the co-owner of The Leverage. The Leverage was founded by Chris Ngo and Lee Ramirez in 2012. From what began as a boutique mens’ streetwear agency has evolved to a vertically structured conglomerate, built around wholesale and direct-to-consumer sales, in-house design, production, and distribution, with eight portfolio brands (Embellish, Haus of JR, Crysp, Karter Collection, Lifted Anchors, Club Paradise, Diet Starts Monday and Richie Le Collection) – all self-funded and independently operated in Ngo and Ramirez’s hometown of Orange County, CA.


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