Episode 58

David Choi ยท  From Singer, Songwriter and Producer to First Time Tech Founder

David Choi is co-founder/CEO of Takko – a venture backed creator first video platform that helps creatives build businesses through the social economy. Takko is built for creators by creators.


In his former years David built a following as a singer/songwriter/producer and one of the earliest creators on YouTube (since 2006) and founder of independent record company CHOIS MUSIC INC.


David’s music has been heard on NBC FOX VH1 MTV Disney and retail stores all over the world and has partnered with major brands such as Kelloggs American Cancer Society GE Google Samsung and Toyota. On YouTube he has close to a million subscribers and over 125mm total video views. David has appeared on Larry King as a guest and is regularly invited to speak at schools panels and events around the world.


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