Episode 130

Fiona Co Chan ·  Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry With Youthforia

“Caring about and being kind to the planet is cool and important and so is using safe stuff on your skin. ”

Fiona Co Chan is the founder of Youthforia. Prior to starting Youthforia, Fiona worked in tech startups in SF managing their Asia business – which led to her traveling to extremely polluted cities. Through this experience, she realized that her normal skincare and makeup routine didn’t work – and she became passionate about reducing the down the drain impact of personal care products. With Youthforia, she started the first biobased beauty and personal care company, which means Youthforia doesn’t formulate with fossil fuels or liquid plastic. Fiona has been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, WWD, Byrdie, and others.


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