Episode 24

George Chao ยท  Grit, Perseverance and Ownership

โ€œWe work off of Patrick Lencioni's "Five Dysfunctions of a Team Model." It's a really quick read, less than 200 pages that he wrote in the format of a story. There's a triangle. The bottom is trust.โ€

George Chao is the Founder and CEO of Uniworld Omniport and is an expert in consumer product development and direct to consumer DTC e-commerce. George founded his first e-commerce brand BBO Poker Tables in 2006 and is the leader in the poker and home gaming niche and later started Omniport Consulting in 2014 to help brands and companies create scalable products and sell more effectively to customers through e-commerce. In his career, George has developed products with and for many prominent brands spanning a wide range of product disciplines.


George is the product of UC, Irvine (Economics BA) and the Executive Leadership Program at Stanford School of Business and enjoys boxing and mountain biking in his free time. Enjoy an in depth discussion about how to make and sell physical products, and the challenges of building healthy and scalable company culture.


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