Episode 90

Glory Kim and Matt Brooks ยท  Love and Success With Slice n Rice

Slice n Rice is an interracial comedic couple that loves to create content based around their culture, relationship, and everyday pop culture. Their unique relationship is enjoyed among many, for their playful interactions with one another that are raw and unscripted. They are most recognizable for their cultural exchange videos where Glory introduces her Korean culture to Matt, and Matt introduces Glory to his African American culture to Glory, both through food, music, items, traditions and more. They also have a library filled with several other types of videos including but not limited to, their Disney Channel Wand ID series, popular film parodies, and their Christian parodies which include Christian BOP, New millennial Translation and more. This couple loves to be themselves on camera, but also loves to act in sketches and add a show-like element to all their videos. Slice n Rice will bring you fresh, unscripted reaction and challenge videos as well as sketch comedy videos while staying true to their brand of wholesome fun!


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