Episode 69

H Woo Lee ยท  Building Community Through Experiences

H Woo Lee (AYch-wOO) is a rising food content creator, wedding planner, and founder of his underground fine-dining supper-club, Maru Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Southern California in May 2019, and currently works for celebrity wedding planner, Kevin Lee.


In 2017, h woo started his entrepreneurial journey as the president of his fraternity, AEPI, where he quickly learned the skills to operate a small business. A year later, he started his second venture, ONYX, which was a music events company that hosted silent disco concerts.


In the summer of 2017, h woo taught himself how to cook, and this passion has only escalated ever since. During his senior year, he hosted weekly dinners out of his apartment for guests. In 2019, he officially founded Maru Los Angeles, which focused on Korean-Italian fine dining and the social experience of dining.


In December 2020, h woo began food content creation on TikTok. His high-intensity, quick-clip cooking videos showcase his culinary skills and personality, and looks forward to expanding towards other digital media platforms and eventually re-opening his supper-club after COVID.


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