Episode 33

Jack Nguyen and David Nguyen ·  Starting Slow and Winning Big

“We actually started our business with only $5,000. We didn't actually raise any money because we didn't need to. When we worked out of our home, we were able to save enough money to run the business comfortably without getting additional money from anywhere else. We started in 2006 and toward the end of 2009, we hired our first employee.”

Identical twin brothers, Jack Nguyen and David Nguyen, are founders of semiconductor company Ram Exchange. Ram Exchange specializes in the wholesale and manufacturing of memory chips also known as computer RAM. These memory chips are found in computers, laptops, servers, and many other electronics. Ram Exchange was founded in their college apartment while they were both attending UC Riverside. They dropped out 2 quarters shy of their graduation and moved back to Silicon Valley to focus on their company. Fourteen years later, Ram Exchange is continuing its growth and thriving through this pandemic. They are also co-founders of IT Server Exchange LLC, a company that focuses on reselling computer servers. 


Being serial entrepreneurs, Jack and David are also in the restaurant and real estate businesses. They are multi-unit Denny’s Franchisee, investors and board members of a boba chain called Teaspoon, and are commercial real estate investors focusing on retail strip centers and industrial offices. 


Fun Facts:  Jack and David are neighbors, and they share one big backyard.  Jack, his wife, and his two kids have the same initials (J.N.) while David’s family of four also have the same initials (D.N.)!


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