Episode 48

Jay Wey ยท  Following Passion Through Basketball, Tech, and Comedy

โ€œI always almost saying, like giving them advice around saying you don't always chase your passion. Cause it doesn't always work out. I chased basketball. I didn't work out and now I'm in this position and then eight years later, I'm back saying the same cliche message, like actually going after your passion is still what makes you and, truly fulfilling and happy. Even through the, the heyday or the, the huge success stories that my startup has. I still wake up with a different type of demeanor and passion and vigor. Since I had this platform to make people smile and laugh. That to me is a different type of happiness than money and that's such a cliche and I'm upset. I'm saying that because I was like, that's it doesn't, it doesn't work that way, but it's kind of gone full circle.โ€

Jay Wey was born and raised in the Bay Area. Both of his parents are Taiwanese. He played NCAA Division I in basketball as well as professional basketball in Taiwan. Jay co-founded a tech company based in Taipei, focusing on long-range wireless technologies IoT (internet of things). He also dabbles in TikTok and has grown his platform to over 900K followers in less than ten months.


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