Episode 26

Johnny Thai ·  Becoming A Full Time Creator Without 100k+ Followers

“The first three years, I probably made $400 to $1000 with all the effort I put in. Cause I started 2015 with vlogging—that didn't work. Then I started making income 2018. You should expect three years of effort minimum in order to see some sort of success—that's what I'd say to all my friends, because people expect, especially with social media, that instant success is attainable. It's really not.”

Johnny Thai is a Mechanical Engineering dropout turned Content Creator on various social media platforms with a following of 65k on YouTube and 20k on Instagram. Johnny is your normal small town kid that makes his living talking about clothes and helping other guys build confidence within themselves. He was able to go full-time with his passion of Men’s fashion at less than 30k combined followers and has now worked with many various brands including Lululemon, BVLGARI, Express, Axe, and many more.


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