Episode 36

Min Park ·  Hustling Through Food, Community and Passion

“People ask me all the time, "Hey, I really want to put my money to work, after three years in corporate America I saved a little bit, where should I put it?" Well, you could be a cashflow investor which typically means there's less growth and you're able to get a safe coupon, hopefully better than whatever savings accounts are which are like 0.5%. Or you could be a growth investor which means you're probably not going to get a lot of cashflow because the business is going to reinvest any profits into growth and expansion.”

Min Park is an investment banker at JPMorgan and also is CFO of Rooster & Rice, a growing restaurant chain out of the Bay Area.  He has worked in finance for over 10+ years covering technology companies and at the same time, has expanded and used his finance expertise to help pivot this restaurant chain and help it survive in the evolving technology landscape and the current COVID19 environment.  His business partners include Jason Wang and Shawn Tsao, co-founders of Caviar, the food delivery app which sold to Square in 2014.


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