Episode 171

Paul Hsu ·  The Web3 Generation with Decasonic Founder CEO Paul Hsu

Paul Hsu is the Founder and CEO of Decasonic, the venture, and digital assets fund building blockchain innovation. As a tech investor and operator, Paul partners with outlier founders to accelerate product market fit and systematically scale early-stage companies. Paul has been a blockchain investor since 2013.

Paul’s curiosity and conviction in disruptive technology date back to the dawn of the Internet in the late 1990s.  As a product and growth executive at social gaming leader Zynga (ZNGA), Paul spearheaded several user retentions and monetization initiatives, including in-game virtual currencies, free-to-play virtual goods, platform currencies, and other digital assets. Prior, Paul was a founding member of NeoCarta, a $300M technology venture fund on Sand Hill Road.\


  1. IG: @Decasonic 
  2. Twitter: @PaulHsu @Decasonic 
  3. LinkedIn: @PaulHsu @Decasonic

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