Episode 30

Poseidon Ho ·  Betting on Outliers from Student Study Group to $100M Venture Fund

“I would say, especially for Asian entrepreneurs, three keywords: think big, start small, and move fast. As I realized that many Asian entrepreneurs, especially those that I met in Taiwan or Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen. Many of them didn't have the worldview or global mindset when they started their first venture. They improve when they start the second one, third one or after they got to venture stage later. But don't forget to start small incrementally and iterate. The feeling that I have when I was in Shenzhen, for example, compared with Silicon Valley, is that the iteration cycle and speed is 3X more than how I feel in the United States—especially as many cities or countries don't have antitrust policies. ”

Poseidon Ho (26) is a Taiwanese Founder & General Partner of Outliers Fund, a research-driven venture fund/accelerator betting on the outliers who turn science fiction into scientific facts. Poseidon’s early career was all about curiosity-driven innovation research such as studying Ant-Inspired Collective Intelligence at MIT Media Lab, building Pokemon GO-like Augmented Reality Gamifications for the 100th anniversary of San Diego Zoo Global, and launching Microsoft HoloLens in China for Microsoft Research Asia. Poseidon is known for building large-scale LEGO cities for ant colonies and raising $2M+ in a week as a decentralized VC when he was a student at MIT. In 2020, 2 of Poseidon’s invested/accelerated startups are filing IPO and he is raising a $100M Outliers Venture Fund. 


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