Episode 86

Quinn Wang and Kristine Hara Β·  Changing the Story of Eyecare for Good

Quinn is a UCSF-trained cataract surgeon and 2x Duke alum (BA, MD) who graduated with highest distinction in English Literature. She has published papers in leading journals such as Ophthalmology, designed and implemented a randomized clinical control trial, and pioneered bilateral cataract surgery in private practice. Outside of work, she regularly cycles up mountains and occasionally climbs up volcanoes (on skis.)


Kristine is a 2x founder who graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees (BA, MS) in Biology, History, and Information Science. She has authored academic papers in data mining and computer science, piloted studies in computational cancer research and evolutionary genetics, and shorted the fastest market crash in history. When not working, she enjoys road tripping across Africa and exploring ghost towns. She was also previously at Pandora and United Masters.


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