Episode 54

Trisha Bantigue and Kathy Zhou ยท  Revolutionizing Formalwear Shopping with Queenly

Trisha is the CEO & co-founder of Queenly, and she graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Science. She then worked at Google, Facebook and most recently, Uber, working directly with the CTO to recruit engineering executives. Kathy is the CTO & cofounder, and she graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a degree in both Computer Science and Environmental Science. She then worked at Venmo and also was a full-stack software engineer at Pinterest. Both co-founders have competed and have been titleholders for various pageant organizations such as Miss USA, Miss America, Miss Earth USA, Miss Asian Global, and more. Trisha & Kathy are also the best of friends, and they have a shared passion for empowering women, providing accessibility & resources for all, breaking barriers for female founders & women in STEM and really cute doggies.


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