Episode 83

Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco ยท  Clicking Communities Together Through New Media

Mylen Yamamoto is the Founder and CEO of Cropsticks, an innovative chopstick with a built-in rest made from sustainable bamboo. It was featured on Season 8 of Shark Tank. It is the first product from Cropmade, a line of sustainable goods for the food and hospitality industry. Its second product is a biodegradable bamboo straw. Cropmade’s mission is to “Leave behind a greener environment for future generations” and recently became a proud Certified B Corporation. Launching in March 2017, Cropmade’s clients now include 500+ restaurants, hotels, and retailers.

In addition, she runs a talent management company called Clique-Now based in Los Angeles that helps to build the careers of popular digital celebrities. Clique-Now’s services include influencer marketing management, packaging, and production.


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