Episode 87

Rango Le ·  Memoirs of a Blessed Boater

Rango Le built a successful real estate company from scratch in the Seattle / Bellevue WA area. With only $500 dollars in his pocket, no college education, no startup money, no partner. Rango was able to get his real estate company to a $4 million a year company.


His company, Warring Properties / Century 21, was the leading minority owned and most diverse real estate company in WA State, with 125 agents on their roster and managing 3 office locations.


He also successfully developed, built, and sold high end residential properties in Seattle’s Premier neighborhoods. He has a true rags to riches story, from fleeing war torn Vietnam in the middle of the night on a small rickety fishing boat, to overcoming poverty living in the Low Income Seattle Housing Projects. 


Rango’s latest passion is a podcast / YouTube show called, “Blessed Boaters”. The show talks about what it’s like to flee Vietnam as a refugee and the ups and downs of trying to obtain the American dream, turning pain to power.


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