Episode 128

Ray Zhou ·  Bringing Relationship Intelligence to the World With Affinity

“What are the problems in the world that really matter to you? Like what are the missions or the things that, you know, get you up in the morning every day and like make you really motivated to do what you do.”

Ray Zhou, CEO of Affinity, believes every opportunity begins with a relationship—and knows that business networks become unwieldy and harder to leverage as they grow larger. In response, he co-founded Affinity, whose eponymous CRM captures and organizes “data exhaust” from emails and calendars, and combines it with other datasets to provide the “relationship intelligence” needed by decision-makers in venture capital, investment banking, private equity, and consulting: industries where relationship-building is foundational to dealmaking. A native of the Bay Area, Ray met Affinity’s co-founder, Shubham Goel, at Stanford, where they were studying computer science. Their goal is to bring relationship intelligence to the world at large.


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