Episode 38

Sandy Lin ·  Small Business Tips for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

“At 19, when my friends and people around me are just still partying and in that phase of going out, I respect that everyone has their own like path, but I just honed in on myself and I'm like, "Do I really want to fall down that path of traditional college kids? Or do I want to make sure that I've used the this crazy cherishable time of my life within the twenties and nineteens to carved something great for myself? What do I love? What could I build?”

Sandy Lin is a 22 year‑old‑second time founder, content creator, and investor. Sandy started her first business at 19 with her love for dogs, a passion for hard work, and a dream to live life on her own terms. Ever since she has been determined to help other young people do the same. Currently, she is the founder of Small Business Tips, a community for young entrepreneurs to learn about everything business: learn from industry leaders, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and meet business mentors.


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