Episode 97

Shannon Kalayanamitr ·  Powering Thailand With 5G

Shannon Kalayanamitr brings over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, building and scaling large businesses from establishment to exit; technology and startups; and investments, finance & banking, M&A, and venture capital. She is an American born Southeast Asian rooted with deep networks in governments, business and technologies.


Shannon is currently CEO and Founder of 5G Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd., an end-to-end 5G technology and solutions provider for smart cities, healthcare, industries & manufacturing, and telecommunications in Thailand. She is also currently Advisor/Partner at Gobi Partners, a Pan-Asian venture  capital, $1.2 Billion USD in AUM, investing in early to growth stage technology start-ups across China, Southeast Asia, and Pakistan.


Prior to today, Shannon’s background comprises a combination of 2 main pillars with  focus on Southeast Asia at the global stage: Entrepreneurship, Operations & Technology and Investments, M&A, Southeast Asia.


Shannon is a passionate Equality and Women Advocator, often seen moderating or  speaking on topics on Women and Gender Equality with the UN Women. She is also a  notable speaker in topics of Technology and Business in Southeast Asia, and is advising  the various Thai government agencies and the Eastern Economic Corridor [“EEC”] on its digital transformation strategy. Shannon has a BBA in Finance and a minor in Marketing from Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand.


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