Episode 125

Shawn Tsao ยท  How an Innate Love of Architecture Led to Co-founding the Curated Food Delivery Service, Caviar

โ€œI miss those (early founding) days, you think about them like nostalgically, but at the same time, I know that like, if I do that again, it's so much anxiety. โ€

Shawn is a proud Chinese-American immigrant who grew up in the Los Angeles area and an alumnus of UC Berkeley. During his senior year, he joined his college friends to start a daily deals company called Munch On Me (YC class of S11) and dove into the tech startup industry. He later co-founded a food delivery company, Caviar, in early 2012. Caviar was later acquired by Square, now a public company, in 2014 and then acquired again by DoorDash in 2019. He is currently a Co-Founder and General Partner of Beluga Capital and LUNAtic Capital, a tech investment syndicate and crypto-focused fund, respectively. He is also currently an advisor to a few tech startups and a part-time advisor at The House Fund. Besides tech, Shawn is the founding partner of Umai Hospitality Group, a restaurant group investing in major franchises like The Halal Guys and Bonchon Fried Chicken, along with local brands like Rooster and Rice.


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