Episode 94

Stephanie Lee ·  Instituting Rituals of Mental Health and Becoming SELFMADE

Stephanie Lee is the Founder and CEO of SELFMADE. With a lifelong passion for learning and being challenged, Stephanie has more than a decade’s worth of experience across very different industries: from politics and government to beauty and consumer goods.


SELFMADE is the culmination of Stephanie’s lived experiences and spurred from healing from her own mental health crisis. She began her journey as a field organizer on the Obama presidential campaign and then joined the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee. From working within the Administration serving under the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, she was quickly tapped to work at the White House on the staff of the First Lady Michelle Obama. There, Stephanie project-managed her first ever New York Times bestselling book, American Grown, and managed conceptualizing, planning and executing Mrs. Obama’s international and domestic messaging events resonated with the American people. In 2014, Stephanie moved to NYC and transitioned into the prestige beauty industry as a product developer at the global brand, MAC Cosmetics. Simultaneously reckoning with depression and anxiety, Stephanie left the corporate world to travel the globe solo and hear from women about their experiences about their own self-worth and emotional wellbeing. That’s when SELFMADE was born.


SELFMADE is excited to announce the launch of a Beta community for the CommonRoom, their emotional wellbeing app. By joining the Beta at beselfmade.co/commonroom, you’ll get completely free access to programming, activities, and content created with their mental health experts AND 20% off your next order as an extra thank you.


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