Episode 43

Yan Fan ยท  Creating Coding Bootcamps to Fuel Passion in Tech

โ€œI know a lot of people say like, just do it, but I really don't believe that that's like a good advice because people just come from so many different backgrounds and so many different advantages or disadvantages. It's really disingenuous to say, like, just do it. You know? I think like my advice is, to stay focused on doing one thing very well. I think like, you know, riches are in the niches. Like, if you can find something that you really like and that you feel like it's making a difference, not to like tons and tons of people, but maybe it's just a small group of people, focus on that.โ€

Yan Fan, CTO/Co-Founder of Code Chrysalis, is changing the way software engineers are being trained in Asia and advocating for innovation through diversity & inclusion.

Code Chrysalis is a software engineering bootcamp in Tokyo helping individuals gain coding skills and make career changes, and helping Japanese companies upskill their teams. Prior to Code Chrysalis, Yan worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley.

Code Chrysalis is Yan’s second coding bootcamp; she co-founded and served as CTO of a coding school in Jordan helping refugees in 2016.


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