Welcome to Season 2 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast!


Yash Kothari

From Burnout to Alignment, the Story Behind Kindred Minds


Christina and Daniel Seong

Seong Life


You must communicate and be on the same page, life will be too hard if you're not.


Khailee Ng

Spreading Weapons of Mass Creation


If anyone's listening here today and you want Asian Hustle your way right into building something big, let's not hustle for ourselves. Let's hustle for the following 4 billion people coming online


Gloria Zhu

Managing Wealth for Financial Inclusion


Our personal growth took a lot of listening to what matters to you, what matters to the community and how do we provide value others around us.


Karho Leung

Redefining the Standard Grooming Experience


The starting point is very important to lay a solid foundation so when you scale you can tie it back to how you guys first started and the origin story.


Vivian Tu

I Hope You Get Rich


What my impact is like when I was trading on wall street, I was making very rich people richer and suddenly, in my current job as your Rich BFF, I get to help make everyday regular Joe Schmoes get richer.


Dr. Anthony Youn

America's Holistic Plastic Surgeonยฎ


I thought, oh, my gosh, that was it. That was my time, I had two minutes and it's over like I'm done, and the next day I had ten new consultations and nine the day after, and my practice exploded from literally two minutes on TV


Trina Chan

Nourishing the Brain With No. 8 Gummies


I wanted No. 8 Gummies to be something you would enjoy having on your kitchen counter or jazz and meant to serve as a vehicle for self-care, a reminder to carve out these little moments in your day just for you.


Chitra Agrawal

Founder and CEO of Brooklyn Delhi


I think the best cuisine innovations have come from people innovating on what they have in their environment


Vince Xu

The First Asian Bachelor in Reality TV History


This is real, you are seeing this guy fall in love with a girl on freaking international television and it's the feelings are so raw, so real. That's why I just feel like this show is just so special.


Kasey Ma

First Asian American Female on American Dating Reality Show


Uplifting entrepreneurs and content creators, and being able to tell their stories is something that I want to do always.


Leo Chan

Building Innovation with Abound Innovation Inc.


This was out of curiosity. "If you want to do innovation, learn about innovation, you come here" and I started holding events.