Welcome to Season 2 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast!


Rebecca Liao

Co-Founder and CEO at Saga


David Hsiao

Navigating Cryptocurrency

The people who can keep hustling and just keep on going no matter what the market trend is, are the ones that will succeed


Jonathan Lam

Serial Entrepreneur and General Partners for Root and Shoot Ventures

Storytelling is crucial for startup founders pitching any fund managers.


Tina Lee

Inspiring Others to Pursue Their Dreams Through Social Media

Do it for the passion because if you don't have passion you won't last for long


Florence Kwok

Bringing the Future of Nails to Your Home With Jelcie

Education part is still a massive part of own business and building our community


Gordon Tsui

Serial Founder and Angel Investor

I believe that in the perfect world, I could keep growing myself and optimizing and becoming better at what I do


Bonnie Cheung Sarkissian

Redefining the Luxury Experience With By Bonnie Jewelry

These days, our consumers know what they want and are not afraid to voice their opinion.


Tony Thai

Building HyperDraft

If you feel passionate, I encouraging people to do it!


James Vuong

Building and Investing into Vietnam

Back in 2008, I was the only crazy Kauffman Fellow in Southeast Asia and nobody in the US had ever heard of doing venture capital in Vietnam.


Jonathan Javier and Jerry Lee


I remember I will send out cover letters with the wrong company names listed and would be like, "oh, my gosh!." I began to realize that no one knows how to do this job search thing, no one teaches you how.


Catherine Yeo

The Creator Revolution


Annie Vang

Preserving Hmong Cultural History With Hmong Phrases