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‘Little Fat Boy’ Writes a Cookbook That Celebrates The Immigrant Spirit Through His Family’s Recipes And Stories

A cookbook that resonates with a lot of Asian Americans who always felt somewhere in-between.

By Marielle Catral

May 23, 2022

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CPA Turned Author, Mother Writes An Illustrated Book To Help Children Be More Mindful

“Changing career from CPA to author meant losing fixed income and lifestyle change but all sacrifices were worth it.” Priya shared with the AHN community

By Marielle Catral

May 22, 2022

Asian Culture 


Awesome Asian Americans: An Illustrated Anthology That Inspires Young Generation To Dream Beyond Borders

Despite racism, discrimination, and stereotypes, these notable pioneers persisted and became role models for future generations.

By Marielle Catral

April 24, 2022

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9-Year-Old Asian American Student Shared His Cultures With His Peers To Counter Bullying

Attending school for many Asian-Americans or immigrant kids hasn’t been easy. Some hurtful comments can even make children despise the idea of attending school, but 9-year old, Ashton Tran, did not shake but rather came up with a powerful idea.

By Marielle Catral

April 13, 2022

Asian American Asian Culture Bullying