Malaysia’s Farm Fresh And Inside Scoop Collaborate To Bring Local Ice Cream Flavors To The Forefront

This led him to import 60 Holstein Jersey cows from Australia and create fresh and pure dairy products that are in perfect harmony with nature.

Recently, Farm Fresh Milk made a proposition to obtain a 65% controlling interest in Inside Scoop for $18.6million, according to Vulcan Post, a natural and logical decision given Inside Scoop’s long-time use of Farm Fresh’s products.

Loi Tuan Ee/ Our Parenting World

While Farm Fresh has established itself as a popular dairy brand, its expansion into the ice cream market through its partnership with Inside Scoop presents new challenges. One of the major obstacles is breaking into the highly competitive consumer packaged goods (CPG) segment, which is dominated by multinational giants like Nestlé and Unilever.

Inside Scoop

Despite the challenges, Loi is confident that once Inside Scoop enters the CPG market, it will distinguish itself as one of Malaysia’s top brands. His ambition is not new, as he successfully competed with established players in the dairy industry when he first entered the market. Loi believes that Inside Scoop’s branding and high-quality ice cream will give them an advantage in creating a creative and affordable product.

While waiting for the completion of Farm Fresh’s big mother plant in Enstek, Loi suggests that they can bring in ice cream machines to start producing one or two variants ahead of schedule.

With this, Loi hopes to bring local ice cream brands to the forefront of the Malaysian market.

Featured Image Source: / Inside Scoop