Student Entrepreneur Prospers $10 Capital In Thrift Clothes Business

John Lester Tolentino, a Filipino working student from Palawan, Philippines, built his thrift store business from the ground up with just $10 initial investment.

Many online readers were inspired by John Lester’s accomplishment after reading about it on business coach Chinkee Tan’s Facebook page.

“I used to be a working student, but now I’m a young business owner in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. John Lester wrote, “I only started with 500 pesos ($10) cash in retailing secondhand items that I could sell at my most favored price.”

John Lester persevered despite facing challenges, just like any other promising entrepreneur, in pursuit of his goal of providing his family with abundant life.

He added that regardless of experiencing bankruptcy at the time, he continued to go forward. He kept thinking that if one has a dream for himself or herself and his family, there is nothing one cannot do, even though it is difficult in the beginning.

After overcoming all of the obstacles, he is now able to support his family and run a successful business by supplying bales and maintaining a well-stocked warehouse on his property.

John Lester was a devoted family man who has just started realizing his family’s dream home, lot, and vehicles.

He also thanked Chinkee Tan for giving him advice and urged those just starting in the thrift clothing industry to learn about the positives and pitfalls of the business before plowing ahead with their goals.

Working while studying is difficult? It normally is! But this young entrepreneur proved sweat and tenacity make it possible!