Episode 129

John Lim ·  Bridging Cultures With AZN Flush

“There are certain characteristics about myself that were like tied to being Asian and 'm extremely proud of. I would just say I felt more that with Azn Flush, there is was like a community that I could relate to and that gave me strength.”

John Lim is the 27 yr old CEO and Founder of Ugly LLC, an indie game studio producing niche-specific cult classic card games such as the best selling Asian American party game line AZN FLUSH, and the ultimate game to inspire the best high conversations, Puff Puff Pass.


John, who is the son of South Korean immigrants, was born and raised in Maryland. Growing up, John didn’t have many Asian friends and at one point he remembers feeling profoundly unlucky to have been born Asian.


He had what he calls his “Asian Awakening” in college thanks to an Asian student association.


Upon graduating college, he went through a phase of not knowing what to do with his life, which was compounded by the pressure from his mother to get a “real job.”  He moved to Korea for a year as a way to get closer to his roots and to buy time. He taught English to make ends meet. Eventually he moved onto digital marketing, but he couldn’t kick this urge to launch his own business, much to his mother’s chagrin.


Always a fan of card games and drinking games because it gave him an easy way to connect with others, in 2018 John decided to give it a go and he created a game for other Asian Americans like him with just $500.


Having sold tens of thousands of games, AZN Flush is now the best-selling game for Asian Americans. John has generated close to 3 million through his games since launching in 2018.


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