Episode 119

May Lee ·  Speaking up for the Asian Community

“All those feelings that you're not enough, that you don't belong—when you go through it, it's hard. It's painful, it leaves scars.”

Born in Columbus, Ohio to Korean immigrant parents, May Lee is an award-winning broadcast journalist,  host of “The May Lee Show,” adjunct professor at USC, and founder of Lotus Media House who has been both a US-based and international anchor, host, correspondent and producer. 


Familiar with being the outsider, “otherized” by a predominantly white community, May was introduced to racism at a young age. This fueled her to become a prominent voice in the effort to combat anti-Asian hate that exploded due to COVID-19. At the start of 2020, May’s production company, Lotus Media House, partnered with NextShark, the leading Asian online news source, to launch “The May Lee Show”, Each episode May sits down with the most impactful and relevant Asians in the U.S. and around the world who are boldly enhancing and elevating Asian voices and issues.


Recognized for her powerful voice for Asian Americans, May was named one of Forbes 50 Over 50 women leading the way in impact July 2021. May has been working with various organizations, companies and media outlets to raise more awareness of AAPI history and experiences.


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