Episode 118

Mayly Tao ·  Evolving From the Donut Princess to Serial Entrepreneurship

“Who even am I without the shop? I spent a bit of time with my feelings, but then I realized, "Hey, this isn't about you. This is about your mom."”

Mayly Tao is LA’s self-proclaimed Donut Princess, owner of Donut Princess Los Angeles, a donut bouquet delivery concept. She is the host of her podcast Short N’ Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast where she explores mindset, women empowerment, and small business tips!  You can find her ”Securing the Box” at @donutprincessla. She stars in the Donut King Documentary, as seen on Hulu and across domestic flights across the US. She also has her own YouTube where she visits Cambodian-owned donut shops and highlights their stories. She hopes to elevate Asian American voices and representation and vows to create a legacy for the next generation of Asian Americans.


Mayly Tao is a Khmer, Thai, and Teochew Chinese Asian American born to Khmer refugee parents who arrived in America to start a new life. Her uncle, Ted Ngoy, sponsored hundreds of Cambodians to come to America and helped them manage and own their own donut shops. She is mostly known for coming back and helping her parents successfully revamp their family business through social media and branding. She recently sold her family’s bakery after her mom decided to retire after celebrating 40 years in business at DK’s Donuts & Bakery in Santa Monica, CA. 


Her focus on helping people and making an impact has gravitated her towards creating new business as a serial entrepreneur. She successfully launched her new luxury car rental business, “Donut Exotics,” in Summer 2021. Her plans for 2022 is to become a life agent to help families find life insurance, a mobile home-care business, and a liquid IV business.


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