Episode 127

Mony Nop ·  Defying the Odds

“My story began in 1972, when I was born into the killing fields of Cambodia and during the first six years of my life; 2 million Cambodian people were murdered. ”

Mony Nop, a survivor of the Killing Fields of Cambodia, immigrated to the U.S with his family at the age of 6.  He became a police officer and served in Livermore for 17 years before retiring from law enforcement to establish his own real estate business 14 years ago. 


He is the co-founder of Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance, focused on supporting local nonprofits by collaborating and sharing resources to continue growing their mission. Mony also became a children’s book author, “Officer M.N.O.P and Me—How Police Officers Serve the Community, On and Off Duty.”


A former Mayoral Candidate in the City of Livermore and now known as the #GivingbackRealtor, Mony has been featured in CBS Early Show, ABC Extreme Make Over–Home Edition and he has been awarded the Good Neighbors Award from Bay East Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. In 2018, Mony received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Award and the St. Mary’s College Meritorious Service Awards in 2019. 


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