Episode 123

Lisa Ling ·  Take Out with Lisa Ling

“When I'm in the field collecting these stories, people share things with me that are from the depths of their hearts—things they may not have even shared with their close friends and family members. I have a responsibility to tell their stories responsibly, and I sometimes establish relationships with these people that are more precious, or more unique, than relationships that I have with my close friends.”

Lisa Ling is the executive producer and host of the upcoming series “Take Out with Lisa Ling” for HBO Max, an exploration of Asian American history through the lens of delicious Asian food which has become so ubiquitous in the U.S. She is also the executive producer and host of “This is Life” on CNN, already at work on its ninth season for 2022. For the series, Ling has embedded with a notorious biker club and explored the medicinal use of psychedelics in psychotherapy.


Prior to joining CNN, Ling executive produced and hosted “Our America” on OWN for five seasons. She was also a field correspondent for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and contributor to ABC News’ “Nightline.” For these shows she reported from dozens of countries; covering stories about gang rape in the Congo, bride burning in India and the Lord Resistance Army in Uganda, among other issues that are too often ignored.


Ling was the first female host of National Geographic’s flagship show “Explorer” which sent her to cover the phenomenon of female suicide bombing, the spread of the MS-13 gang –considered the world’s most dangerous gang, and the humanitarian crisis inside North Korea.


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