Omni Bev

Inspired by traditions, Omni Bev is a woman-owned business proudly introducing the world's first ready-to-drink authentic Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee. Omni Bev encapsulates authentic Vietnamese coffee with our commitment to quality and sustainability while drawing inspiration from founder Tammy Huynh’s upbringing in Vietnam, where coffee is an essential staple of everyday life- and even more so, a social ritual. Her story started when she was a child growing up in Vietnam; she often sat beside her father and watched as he savored countless sips of fragrant local coffees. As a 5-year-old, she yearned for a taste as the warm coffee aroma filled her with curiosity. Though her mother forbade it, her father secretly treated Tammy to her first taste of what would turn out to be a lifelong passion for Vietnamese coffee. That connection to her father, and the incredible complexity of that delicious Da Lat brew, has led her on a mission to share it with the world.
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