6-year-old Boy is Now a Business Owner Thanks To His Business-Savvy Mama

Most kids receive toys and books from their parents. But as for Miggy Miranda, his very own condo!

Filipina actress Neri Naig and Filipino singer-songwriter Chito Miranda’s son, Miggy, is now a condo unit rental business owner at the age of 6 years old.

Neri announced the unit’s availability for rent or transitory use on Instagram. She also revealed a few of the amenities of the condo, which can accommodate two persons for about $37 per day. 

According to Neri, she’s saving up Miggy’s earnings from his product endorsements in order to use them for investment. She said that it’s their goal to teach Miggy how to be financially literate, which is important for all of us to learn at a young age.

She added, though, that it’s never too late for us to learn regardless of our age. What’s important is that we get started.

We all have different ideas about how to prepare our children for the future. Some parents feel that their children should work for their own money instead of receiving an inheritance to instill the value of hard work in them. Others want to give their children a head start so that they will have the resources to pursue their own interests.

For Miggy, he will eventually need to learn how to manage it as he gets older. That way, he can learn how to handle his money and invest in things from an early age.