How Mom Of Two And TikTok Influencer Alissa Nguyen Is Bringing Order To Life’s Messiness Through Cooking

Mom and TikTok chef  Alissa Nguyen, aka gaming_foodie showcases her cooking tutorials with a diverse range of cuisines, from Asian to American to Latin American, catering to the taste buds of her loyal 2.1 Million followers.

She began posting videos on TikTok in April 2020, and quickly gained a following. One of her most viewed videos, posted on June 13, 2022, features a recipe for Spam musubi. The video has received over 6 million views.

But what made her fans love her, even more, is not just because of the helpful recipes she shares as her content, but the reality of how she embraces her messy, relatable, and not-so-perfect life, as a mom and as an influencer. Her followers shared that they were initially attracted to her content for the recipes, but have continued to follow her due to her engaging personality.

Unlike other food influencers, Gaming Foodie doesn’t see cooking as a passion, but rather as a necessity in her daily life to sustain herself and her family. She approaches cooking from a practical perspective, driven by the need to feed her loved ones.

In most of her recipe videos, we witness the final moment where Alissa Nguyen presents her mouth-watering dishes to her better half, who’s commonly seen glued to his PC gaming during his free time.

That relatability is what sets her apart and keeps her followers coming back for more. With her no-fuss attitude, Gaming Foodie shows her followers that cooking can be enjoyable, even if it’s just a daily chore.