Mastercard’s Shamina Singh Unites South Asian Leaders to Support LGBTQ+ Equality at “Pyar is Pyar” Event

“Pyar is Pyar” which means “Love is Love” in Hindi, was organized by Shamina Singh, founder and president of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.

South Asian business leaders and celebrities recently came together to celebrate the “Respect for Marriage Act” on Valentine’s Day, showing their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Singh partnered with Desi Rainbow, an organization that provides safe spaces for South Asian families and friends of LGBTQ+ individuals, organized an event. She considers such events crucial in acknowledging the favorable influence of the South Asian LGBTQ+ community on society, fostering relationships, and potentially building strong alliances. The proceeds from the event were utilized to support the organization.

The event, supported by the White House, demonstrated significant backing for the South Asian LGBTQ+ community. A personal letter from President Biden emphasizing the need to fight for LGBTQ+ equality was read by Opal Vadhan, personal aide to Vice President Kamala Harris, and Gautam Raghavan, Director of White House Presidential Personnel.

Singh organized the event to provide support to her community and promote diversity and innovation in companies. Additionally, the event raised funds for Desi Rainbow, founded by Aruna Rao, who established the organization after her child came out as gay and trans.

Pyar is Pyar marked an important milestone in the ongoing pursuit of equality and acceptance for the South Asian LGBTQ+ community. By supporting organizations like Desi Rainbow and celebrating events like this, individuals can unite and effect change. At the heart of it all is the belief that love is love, and everyone should be celebrated for who they are.