Pia Wurtzbach Takes Her Passion for Beautiful Things Into A New Business Venture, Launches Her Line Of Carpets & Rugs

Miss Universe 2015 winner, Pia Wurtzbach, is stepping into the world of interior design with the launch of her own collection of rugs and carpets in collaboration with Studio Soliven.

The announcement was made through her official Instagram account, showcasing a glimpse of three beautiful carpet and rug designs. She shared that her collection boasts inspiration from various locations all around the world and it took her two years to conceptualize the designs.

Pia’s passion for home design was sparked during the renovation of her condo and later her house, as she enjoyed the process of “instantly connecting with a space.”

Additionally, she wrote on her Instagram, “Our floors carry everything for us in our home, and making it look beautiful with rugs that depict my personal style truly make me happy especially now that I’m about to move into my own house 🙏🏼”

Aside from her new role, Iia serves as an ambassador for organizations such as UNAIDS and WWF-Philippines.